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Have you got blocked drains? Then call the experts at ASAP Plumbing and Electrical - our licensed and experienced plumbers specialise in clearing blocked drains in Sydney. We understand that blocked drains can be problematic thanks to an abundance of tree roots, as well as older houses and old pipes in Sydney. We aim to make getting your blocked drainage problems resolved as simple as possible. We offer a wide range of drainage services with years of extensive experience. We do everything from clearing blocked drains to installing new drainage systems.

When your call is received our team will arrive on site at the time we agreed. Armed with cutting edge technology and extensive experience we will find the problem and provide the solution - every time.

All Types of Drain Unblocking

Our drainage experts are knowledgeable about all kinds of drainage. We’ll clear blocked drains, but we can do so much more. From the drains to the roof, and everything in between - our highly skilled tradesmen will work hard to solve your problems.

  • Kitchen sink and basin blockages
  • Bath, shower and toilet blockages
  • Insinkerators and grease traps
  • Rainwater down pipe blockages

Drain Camera Inspections

In addition to clearing blocked drains with a high pressure jetter and the latest chemical treatments, we offer CCTV drainage inspections. Our plumbers will run a drain camera down your drainage line which can locate and clearly identify the cause of a drainage problem, or if done ahead of time, prevent one from occurring.

  • Accurate and cost effective way to detect problems
  • Helps establish the most practical ways to solve the problem
  • Can prevent the need for expensive excavations

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is the most effective form of drain cleaning there is. Jetters are the ulimate tool in removing accumulated grease, sludge, tree roots and blockages from problem drains. The use of jetters involves running water down your drain under very high pressure. Clearing by the traditional electric eel only bores a small hole through the blockage providing only short term relief and leaving most of the blockage still in the pipe. A jetter actually scours the interior perimeter of the pipe, returning the drain back to near new capacity.

Pipe Lining (No Dig Technology)

After diagnosis with a drain camera, if we think a section of your drain line needs to be replaced, we can offer our drain lining service. This no dig technology involves lining the old pipe with a new pipe without major excavation or damage to surfaces such as landscaping or driveways. The new pipe takes about an hour to cure and most work is completed underground.

Drainage excavation should be a last resort and can be a very big job. If drain excavation is required, our team will be able to give you an estimate of timescales and cost.

To clear your next blocked drain in Sydney call 9816-7777 today and discover the ASAP Plumbing and Electrical difference for yourself. From the first time you speak with us you'll experience the personal care and attention you will receive when we visit your home.

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